Points of Interest

Points of Interest

Stunning Vistas and Incredible Wildlife

Denali National Park is a bucket list destination for many and there is so much to see and experience when in the area. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to see all the wonder and wildlife that the Last Frontier has to offer. 

The north side of Denali National Park & Preserve is where most travelers experience the park on their Alaska Vacation. A single, 92-mile road offers the only access through this six million acre national park. In summer, visitors can drive personal vehicles as far as the Savage River at Mile 15. Travel beyond is mostly limited to tour and shuttle buses, bicycles, and hikers on foot. For the summer season, shuttle buses will operate from May to September. When planning your vacation to Denali be sure to include these notable stops; Toklat River Contact Station, Eielson Visitor Center, and Kantishna. 

Points of Interest

Kantishna is one of America's most popular tourist destinations, also known as "The End of the Road" and "The Heart of Denali National Park". This small town lies at the end of the 92-mile Park Road and boasts a summer population of approximately 135 and no winter residents.

Since much of the Kantishna area is private property, visitors are discouraged from hiking in the area without obtaining permission and guidance ahead of time. Kantishna Experience Tour is one way to explore this area without an overnight stay.


Traveling 62 miles into the park to Stony Hill Overlook, the Tundra Wilderness Tour offers a wonderful diversity for visitors.

Located at Mile 66 of the Park Road and is accessible via shuttle buses to Eielson, Wonder Lake, or Kantishna, and Kantishna Experience tour buses. This facility offers park information, interpretive exhibits, and ranger-guided walks

The highest peak in North America, Denali is a must-see when in Alaska. With an elevation of 20,310 feet located in the Alaska range and is a focal point for Denali National Park. There are two summits from Denali, the North and the South and five large glaciers flow from the mountain. There are multiple ways to catch a glimpse of Denali and take in its beauty. The Denali Park tours offer some of the best views of the peak. Weather can be the biggest obstacle to being able to see the mountain from base to summit. 

Wonder Lake in Denali National Park offers some of the most magnificent views of the Alaska range. Created by glaciers, it is often referred to as the Crown Jewel of Alaska and is one of the largest lakes in Denali. Located 92 miles down the Denali Park Road, it is roughly a 12 hour round trip excursion. Guests can access Wonder Lake via the Transit bus or the Kantishna Tour. Campgrounds are also available.