Tundra Wilderness Tour

Tundra Wilderness Tour

Tour Information

Tundra Wilderness Tour - Full Tour   
Operation Dates June 1 - September 12
Distance 63 Miles to Stoney Hill Overlook
Duration 7-8 Hours

Adult* - $192.30

Child - $87.30

Toklat Shoulder Season Tour
Operation Dates May 20 - May 31
Distance 52 Miles to Toklat River Rest Stop
Duration 6-7 Hours

Adult* - $166.80

Child - $74.40

*Price includes $15.00 Park Entry Fee (Adults Only)

NOTE: During the shoulder season while the road corridor thaws and dries out, the Tundra Wilderness Tour follows a shorter route reaching only to Toklat River. This 6-7 hour tour is fully narrated and runs from May 20 - 31.

NOTE: Child Rates apply to children 15 years old and younger.

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Tour Details

Traveling 62 miles into Denali National Park to Stony Hill Overlook, the Tundra Wilderness Tour (TWT) offers a wonderful and diverse experience for park visitors. Incredible scenery, a narrated history of Park Road, and some of the best opportunities to view the park’s wildlife inhabitants await you on this tour.

While we can’t promise or predict when wildlife will show, the Tundra Wilderness Tour allows plenty of opportunity to look for Dall sheep, moose, caribou, wolves and grizzly bears. On days when Denali (meaning “the high one” or “the great one”) is visible, the tour bus travels to Stony Hill Overlook for an amazing view of Denali from base to summit.

When your tour driver is able, he/she will take video footage of animals along Park Road and project these images onto drop-down video screens, featured only our specially designed tour buses. This way you can get a close-up look at the roadside action.

Tundra Wilderness Tour DVD

The Tundra Wilderness Tour offers the opportunity to bring wildlife and scenery right inside your tour bus through drop-down video screens. This video footage is added to the “Tundra Wilderness Tour” DVD and can be purchased at DenaliMemories.com

Tour Overview
Tour Duration 7-8 hours, depending on weather and road conditions
Morning Tours Visitors must call 48 hours prior to departure date in order to determine their departure time. The morning departure time is 6:40 am ONLY if departing from the Denali Bus Depot.
Afternoon Tours Visitors must call 48 hours prior to departure date in order to determine their departure time. The afternoon departure time is 1:40 pm ONLY if departing from the Denali Bus Depot.
Tour Buses Comfortable, modified school bus with coach seating
Tour Bus Color Tan
Tour Restroom Breaks Approximately every 90 minutes
Accessibility Wheelchair accessible buses are available upon request when you make your reservation, and all stops are wheelchair accessible. If you have a need for a wheelchair seat on your tour, please call 866.761.6631

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NOTE: Exact departure times are based on tour demand and will be provided to you within 48 hours of departure.

Operating Dates: Closed for Season

As the road corridor continues to thaw, we offer another shortened version of the Tundra Wilderness Tour called the Toklat Shoulder Season Tour. This 6-7 hour tour is fully narrated and travels to mile 53 of the Park Road to Toklat River Rest Stop.

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